Its been a while since I saw
a dream with vivid image and story
The dreams usually a blurry occurance
today making an exception

I wrote a poem for someone

Long Time

Long time since I was here
Back now after a year
Things around have changed so much
Things here, not so much
We have all definitely grown
After all through which we have gone
Happy to be back to my little safe space


I was green some time ago I seem to change color now though What has happened to me? I think I may have a disease. What ails me though? Is it the smoke? That chokes the air, Out of my lungs. Or is it the pollution That soils the water Or the people the reason…


Amid the corona virus outbreak, people across the world are in a state of panic. People are stocking up on essentials and other things, while those who actually need these things don’t have access to them. There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed. -Mahatma Gandhi I hope…


the cases are rising, people trying to find a cure the death is claiming numerous human bods so many have fear of losing their lives remaining indoors for time infinite “put a mask if you venture out, sanitize your hands every then and now” there are instructions to help prevent worsening even the companies are…


Yesterday an uncle, my father’s friend, came to our house while we were having breakfast. He looks at the newspaper and sees a pic of Priyanka Chopra in her latest Grammy’s gown and starts talking about women, their clothes and freedom. This piece is inspired from our talks that day. he looks at the deep…


Adriane sees a huge red lump right in the middle of snow. It’s kind of glowing or maybe it looks like that because of the beautiful color. She stands there looking at it for a while. She is woken up from her daze by the moving lump. “Oh its alive! Damn! I knew I was…


i m sitting on a bus and there’s an uncle sitting next to us he has made three calls till now and talking to all pretty loud i can’t understand his accent very well its very thick to be honest but his laughter is echoing in the entire bus and without knowing are laughing some…


Suddenly there’s a thud outside. Adriane jerks and the spoon falls out of her hand. It was a terrifying sound. She gets up and walks carefully to the door. “So this is how I die. I hope atleast someone finds me soon. This is why you should have introduced yourself to neighbours Ari.” She looks…


Dear diary, Its just 7 o’clock but the sun has already set. Its chilly outside. They had been predicting a snow storm for around four days now. It snows, but thats pretty much it. Nothing storm like. But today its almost zero visibility. Its not the most perfect time to be here, in the middle…