have they ever thought, she would think
and looked themselves closely within
and wondered how the very image of oneself that you saw
could one day be the greatest sham of all?

that to feed the ego and pride of one
and make themselves fine again
they could just build layers and layers
of what they wanted others to see


I am drowning
drowning slowly
but its okay
coz I can see you below me

with your hands open
open widely
I can see you
see you ready to hold me


wake up in the morning and have a chai
then proceed on to go to a job 9 to five
well its not really a job u know
but classes make them almost feel so

life has become like a marathon
u keep running until u can see the road
even the routine has become monotone
there’s not much spice to add on


looked out the window of car
saw some clouds floating afar
wish i knew how to draw
i would have captured its beauty raw

white bundles of fluffy fur
layering upon each other
in weird shapes it lay calm
changing their shapes every so often


can people really be far
even while they are touching each other’s arm?

maybe we daily talk
but details sometimes you miss out.
maybe you think about hurt
but this hurts way far.


“falling in love with an artist is easy
their words just breathe you in
but i must warn you poor souls
who come and fall in deep
these artists fall in love with beauty
sometimes its outer ones, sometimes its deep within.
sometimes its just an attraction
that they rejoice in for period thin.


looking around at painted walls
do you ever think about?
other that have achieved so much
while you are just sitting around?
while gazing at the passing trees
have you wondered how could be?
that they have clear idea of their dreams
while you are just sitting blind?


you know you put an idea in my brain,
and now I see it in every dream;
I think about it all the time,
dreaming about it day and night.
I see those promises u make,
and spin them into a beautiful tale;
for me it seems like I made,
my very own fairytale.


Don’t show me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on a broken glass.

– Anton Chekhov


Looking far from where she stood,
gazing away into the woods,
the ones that stretched across the ground,
until she could see it meeting the clouds.
“Would I be able to see?
the beautiful boundary,
the place that defines,
where the clouds meet the pines.